Consulting Services

    Growth, business sector leadership, market dominance, turn around, new market entry & business sustainability
    Back office operations, manufacturing, supply chain management, sales, marketing and PMO
  • BUSINESS CULTURE TRANSFORMATION AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT Focus on the customer, LEAN culture, waste minimalization, proactive stance
  • ACQUISITIONS, STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS AND MERGER Growth, market access, technology access and operational improvement through acquisition, merger or forging strategic partnerships
  • BUSINESS COACHING Lessons learned from years of business experience, valuable business guidance


Guaranteed Growth Consulting

SS1 will work with clients to build, develop and implement strategic business growth strategies that will result in the client achieving their short and long term extraordinary business growth objectives. Investment to fuel growth is typically achieved through an aggressive profit reinvestment plan.  Initial growth seed capital is typically generated through raising funds with short term tactical “opportunity” efforts in sales revenue generation and/or operational improvements that result in cost savings.  Strategic Solutions 1 will lead, manages and assists with the business growth initiative until all short and long term growth objectives are achieved.

SS1 provides value to clients to assure that all business growth objectives are achieved through creative and effective business strategies and plans, and leading the growth initiative effort by managing and assisting in the implementation of the business strategies and plan until all business growth objectives are achieved typically resulting in 3X to 5X growth over four to six years.

Business Operations Improvement and Optimization

Strategic Solutions 1 will work with clients to identify business operational areas needing improvement and optimization, create a strategic roadmap and plan to improve and optimize operations needing improvement to help achieving high level short and long term business objectives. Strategic Solutions 1 will lead, manage and assists the client and their key personnel to assure that strategic operational improvement plans are executed properly and all key performance indicator (KPI) targets and business improvement objectives are achieved.

Strategic Solutions 1 provides value to clients to assure that all business operations improvement objectives are achieved through defining the current state, creating a strategic road map to fulfill the client’s future state vision, and leading and managing a data driven effort to implement the business improvement strategies and plans.

Business Culture Transformation

Strategic Solutions 1 will work with clients to transform their current insufficient and inefficient business culture into a Lean business culture that promotes prosperity, growth and realizing future potential. Strategic Solutions 1 will lead, manage and assists the client and their key personnel through the transition process to achieve all business culture transformation objectives to minimize short term thinking, constant daily crisis management and meeting minimal requirements to focusing on the customers, being proactive and fueling future growth and expansion.

Strategic Solutions 1 provides value to clients to assure that the client’s organization successfully transforms their business culture to a Lean culture with a focus on customer satisfaction and business optimization by guiding and managing the client’s leadership and associates through the transformation process.