New Market Entry Strategic Operations Development, Harley Davidson

Strategic Solutions 1 led the development and implementation of a motorcycle customization process for Harley Davidson dealers for the customization of currently owned and new Harley motorcycles. Strategic Solutions 1 helped develop strategic partnerships with nine aftermarket V-Twin motorcycle component suppliers to supply Harley dealers with desirable aftermarket components for motorcycle customization. Strategic Solutions 1 led and developed the implementation of a “direct to dealer” supply chain system enabling dealers to kit components per the custom design quickly reducing the time to complete the customization by 40-50%. Strategic Solutions 1 also developed and lead the implementation of a point of sale motorcycle customization design process.

LEAN Medical Device Business Process Improvement, Johnson & Johnson Biosense Webster, Div.

Strategic Solutions 1 led business process improvement initiatives to improve R&D business processes that were not meeting regulatory compliance requirements, were operationally inefficient and to a degree ineffective. The business processes that were improved were for medical device risk management, medical device design controls and medical device design verification. Strategic Solutions 1 assessed, mapped and documented existing processes, standard operating procedures and work instructions, used LEAN methodology to re-engineer the business processes in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson stakeholders and associates to meet FDA and EU MDD & ISO regulatory requirements and standards in addition to improving process performance, efficiency and effectiveness. Benefits the client realized included about a 35% reduction in time to complete deliverables through the process, about a 28% reduction in resources needed to conduct the business processes and about 40% lower operations costs. Strategic Solutions 1 led the successful implementation of a LEAN QFD requirements management process which improved the overall product development process, a LEAN Validation and Verification process assuring the first time pass rate for design verification of design requirements, and a LEAN risk management process that was compliant with ISO 14971:2012 standards enabling the CE mark recertification of 9 product families in the EU.

Long Term Strategic Plan, Ford Motor Co.

Strategic Solutions 1 provided “out of the box” business strategies and contributed to a long term high level strategic plan for Ford Motor Co. that became known as the Ford One initiative. The long term vision and strategic plan was to establish Ford as leader in the “mobility” business sector. Strategic Solutions 1 worked directly with C-Level executives and advised corporate directors to establish a long term business vision, mission and business objectives that informed creative business strategies and a strategic plan.

Startup Tech Company Business Strategies and Strategic Plan, Muzology, LLC.

Strategic Solutions 1 led the initiative, in collaboration with the company founders, to develop and implement initial business strategies and plans (including sales and marketing plans, distribution plans and financial projections) and then a formal LEAN product development and requirements management process for the development of music learning products for middle school aged children.

Strategic Business Transformation and Operations Improvement, DRH Construction

Strategic Solutions 1 provided Double Rafter H Construction business consulting and coaching services to restructure and transform a failing oilfield construction business into a viable civil construction business when business revenues from oilfield construction dropped considerably in 2015. Strategic Solutions 1 developed several business strategies to transition into a civil construction business servicing the private commercial development and public development sectors. Strategic Solutions 1 also assisted in restructuring DRH’s debt and assets to reduce cost and improve financial position providing investment capital for the business transition. Additionally, Strategic Solutions 1 provided consulting services to reorganize DRH and transform business processes to improve cash flow and operations efficiency. DRH benefited from the business transformation by reducing operating expenses about 38%, improving revenue by 123% and showed a substantial profit in 2016 and 2017 compared to a loss in 2015.