Is Your Business Culture Driving Success?

A business culture can have a profound and significant effect on a businesses’ ability to succeed in achieving business objectives and prospering as envisioned. Having the best and brightest, significant capital and assets, and great ideas alone do not ensure business success. However, a business culture that is intended to enable business success can be more instrumental in achieving challenging business objectives than any of those things. Some business leaders think that creating organizational competition through conflict and chaos is a business culture that results in significant achievement and growth. This type of culture ignores the power of collective thought, effort and unity that turns a small, nimble, lean organization into an over achievement unstoppable juggernaut. Traditional business culture that relies on a hierarchy in which associates are not paid to think or create, but to do as they are told by management, are not leveraging the full collective power of the organization’s knowledge, creativity and experience. This leads to business success inefficiency that can result in growth impedance, poor performance in the markets, stagnation and decline. Adopting a Lean business culture, on the other hand, can enable and drive business success turning a poor performing organization that often does not achieve important business objectives (strategic or tactical) into a business performance leader meeting or exceeding all business objectives, on time and within budget. The Lean business culture consists of the following elements; 1) unified, collaborative empowered organization, 2) focus on the customer, 3) innovation, 4) data and value driven, 5) low cost production and 6) aspiring to a leadership position. In a Lean business culture, these elements enable tremendous collective power to achieve “Best Status”.  If your business struggles to achieve objectives year after year, a transformation to a Lean business culture might just be the answer to consistent business success.

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