The Value of Forming Strategic Partnerships

The most successful businesses, large or small, do not attain extraordinary success alone, they leverage partnerships to achieve a level of power that is otherwise unachievable. However, not all partnerships result in achieving the objectives or level of success that was intended. Some businesses tend to form businesses relationships that are transactional or biased to one side, which can yield limited benefits and are more likely to fail. When business relationships or partnerships are formed based on a strategy to result in mutual equitable benefits, then the risk of failure is minimized and the probability of success can be maximized. The main goal of any successful partnership or business relationship is for all parties to win. Partnerships can be in many forms from partnering with suppliers, to partnering with businesses to cobrand complimentary products or services, to partnering with distributors or even competitors to gain access to new markets, or forming joint ventures to develop new products, services or technologies. Forming strategic partnerships can be an effective and rewarding method to drive extraordinary business growth versus seeking additional investment or debit, or investing in an acquisition or in expanded operations to scale growth. Furthermore, when mutual objectives are achieved and the partnership is no longer needed or fruitful, strategic partnerships can be structured to be dissolved with little pain or down side. When structured properly based on a sound strategy, strategic partnerships can result in creating untapped value and fuel extraordinary growth with minimal risk.

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